Parent Advisory Council

The mission of ECA's Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is to enhance the learning experience of our scholar-eagles by empowering and supporting parents and school administration with assistance in planning, coordinating, and execution of school-related activities to ensure that the needs of parents and their families are included as decisions are made. ECA PAC is an advisory, not decision-making body of committed parents.

The PAC will:

  • Engage parents in order to encourage and increase family participation.

  • Facilitate effective communication between parents and ECA teachers and administration.

  • Support school programs and activities through continued fund-raising.

  • Promote the welfare of our students in home, school, and community.

  • Foster a strong sense of community between home and school, so that parents and teachers may cooperate effectively in the education of our students.

  • Develop united efforts between staff, families, and the general public that will secure, for all students, the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education.

If you are interested in serving on the Parent Advisory Council, please contact Dr. Ogo Okoye-Johnson, Founder & CEO, at eaglecollegiate@gmail to learn how to get involved.