Open Enrollment Applications for the 2022-2023 school year are available starting January 1st, 2022 through March 14th, 2022 for families interested in enrolling their PreK to 5th Grade children into Eagle Collegiate Academy for the next school year. Any applications dated after March 14th, 2022 at 4:00 PM will be numbered in the order they are received.

LOTTERY* - Should the number of student applications, submitted by the stated deadline, exceed the number of spaces available in any given grade, a random public lottery will be held to determine admission, per the requirements of Ed Code 47605(d)(2)(B). 

The following guidelines apply to the application process (please see "Admission Preferences" below for complete details and policy):

  • By law, all Eagle Collegiate Academy applicants are accepted by a public random drawing.

  • The lottery drawing will be held on March 28th, 2022 at 4:00 PM via Zoom or in person. 

  • Applicants not drawn for enrollment in the lottery will be given an order number for the "wait list."

  • All families will be notified by email and/or phone of their status in the lottery drawing.

  • It is the responsibility of the guardian/parent to notify ECA of preferences that apply to the applicant, and to provide verification    of that preference.

  • Should your child not be accepted and would like to reapply for the following school year, you will need to submit another application form during open enrollment the following year.

*Applied to Open Enrollment Applicants only

Admission Preferences* 

The public random drawings shall be conducted in stages in accordance with the following preferences in the priority order listed  below. These preferences are authorized in accordance with applicable law.


If the Charter School receives a number of applications that exceed the number of available seats at any given grade level, a random public lottery will be hosted and preference for the available spaces and will be given to students consistent with Education Code section 47605(d)(2)(B) in this order:

1. Currently enrolled ECA scholar-eagles

2. Siblings of currently enrolled ECA scholar-eagles (includes all siblings and step-siblings living within the same household) 

3. Residents of the School District’s attendance area 

4. Children of ECA’s founding families, Board members and employees

5. Pupils who meet the CA state definition of socio-economically disadvantaged 

6. All other applicants

*Applied to Open Enrollment Applicants only -- all applicants dated after March 14th, 2022 will be numbered in the order they are received.

Eagle Collegiate Academy welcomes all students and families to join our educational community regardless of race, nationality,

religion, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender identity, academic performance, special education status or

English learner status. We are excited that you are interested in joining our ECA family.

Outreach and Recruitment Plan

ECA will implement the following ongoing recruitment strategies and targeted outreach efforts:

1. Virtual and In-person Parent Information Meetings at local community centers, churches and schools to ensure that meetings are accessible to all families. 

2. Online Presence via website, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts

3. Targeted targeted advertising campaign via local paper and digital magazines, newspapers, Facebook, Instagram and video

streaming accounts

4. Door to door enrollment canvassing in diverse neighborhoods throughout our communities 
5. Developing promotional and informational material in Spanish and English 
6. Distributing promotional and informational materials to a broad variety of community groups and agencies that serve the various racial, ethnic and interest groups represented in the surrounding school district areas such as local sports leagues, and after school programs.   
7. Visiting local pre-k centers to share information with families of children who are enrolled.
8. Partnering with non-profit organizations, such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Girls and Boys Scouts 
9. Conducting outreach to organizations in our community which serve homeless and foster youth (e.g., Family Promise of

Santa Clarita Valley, Family Solution Centers (FSC) - Bridge to Home and Valley Oasis) 
10. Attend various community events, festivals and meetings such as the annual Kids Expo, Cowboy Festival, farmers market, Swap meets, Santa Clarita Fine Arts and Craft Show, tree lighting events, city council meetings, city advisory councils, and town council meeting.